QYSEA Tips:  How to Maintain and Take Care of Your FIFISH Underwater Drone? QYSEA Tips: How to Maintain and Take Care of Your FIFISH Underwater Drone?

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Tips for Taking Care of Your FIFISH

Exciting explorations or rugged operations will take your FIFISH Underwater Drone through various types of unpredictable and tough environments. It is not only important, but vital to take good care of your underwater drone after each dive, especially out in sea water, checking your motors and systems to ensure they will continue to run smoothly in your next dive.

Here are a few essential tips of advice to maintain and take care of your underwater ROV for the long run.

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Take Special Care of Your Batteries

Taking care of your underwater drones’ batteries is extremely important for several reasons. Firstly, the battery is what powers the ROV to operate underwater. Secondly, misusing these batteries can be dangerous; therefore you should make a conscious effort to handle them with care. Even if you have the smallest worry that your battery may be damaged, do not use it. With the FIFISH's lithium-ion battery pack, you can expect a lifetime of about 300–500 charging cycles.

It is recommended to charge and discharge the FIFISH ROV once every 3 month (charge to 50~60% capacity for lengthy storage.)

Have a Suitable Backpack or Case for Your Underwater Drone

Having the right backpack or case for your FIFISH underwater drone will make sure that it is safe whilst you are on the move. Whether an EPP case, rugged industrial case or a portable backpack, it is important to keep your gear protected in any environment you are at.

In addition to its original packaging, QYSEA also offers a range of secure protective options that are secure, rugged, lightweight and specially made for the FIFISH Underwater Drones

QYSEA Industrial Case

QYSEA Waterproof Backpack

Operate and explore in clearer waters and above the seabed

Before operating your FIFISH, it is a good idea to be aware of the conditions underwater. In the midst of heavy currents or debris, the risk of damaging your compact underwater drone could be greater than usual.

Though QYSEA's motors help to push away particles/ debris from getting close the ROV, it is also important to be ware and to not dive too low beneath the seabed, as small bits of rocks and debris could still get caught up into the motors.

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Take Care of Your Motors

Keeping your motors clean and debris-free is a great way to ensure that your drone is sufficiently maintained. Once you’ve finished your dives, you should follow the detailed steps in the video above to fully clean your motors and ensure smooth operation in the future dives ahead.

Preventing the buildup of dirt inside the motors is essential for your underwater drone to work well and properly mid-dive! Some handy tools to have by your side is a screwdriver to manually remove the propellers and get any debris out of the ROV.

Keep Your Firmware Up to Date

Before your dives, make sure to check that your underwater drone software is up to date. This is important as QYSEA often release updates in order to fix bugs or provide enhancements for your diving experience.

As well as this, if you’re firmware isn’t updated you may not even be able to operate optimally with the FIFISH.

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Ensure Your Propellers Are in Good Condition & Protected

Always pay attention to the condition of your propellers, as they are incredibly important as they obviously play an important role in keeping your drone safely below the sea. If a propeller is damaged or chipped, it’s best to just replace it.

In addition to the spare propellers provided in each FIFISH ROV package, propellers can always be easily replaced from the QYSEA Team. For greater assurance of protection of your propeller, QYSEA also offers a set of specialized protectors available for order:

QYSEA Propeller Protectors

Regularly Clean Your Drone

Cleaning your drone on a regular basis is a great way to make sure that there’s no harmful debris or dirt inside. By following the detailed steps in the video above, you can ensure your motors and systems are running optimally after each dive and ready for the next adventure ahead.

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By following these important tips, you should be able to keep you FIFISH Underwater Drone in tip top shape for each dive and adventure. Cheers and wishing you many exciting dives ahead

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