Enterprise  Advanced Inspection ROV
Powerful, High Precision & Intelligent
6000 Lumen LED Lights
Q-IF Multi-Tool Extension Interface
Obstacle Avoidance
Distance Sensor
Altitude Sensor
Laser Scaler
SD Card Slot
Onshore Power Supply System (Optional)
FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS is an expert in advanced underwater solutions. With a diving depth of 150 meters an the all-new integration of our innovative Q-motor stabilization system, elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your underwater operations.
Intelligent Distance &
Altitude Lock
The distance lock and Altitude Lock sonar system measure the forward distance and the downward altitude in real-time. Through distance lock and Altitude Lock, the difficulty of operation is reduced, and various inspections are more efficient and accurate.
Distance Lock
Altitude Lock
Obstacle Avoidance
Terrain Scan
Optional Add-On
Real-Time Location Data
Utilizing the QYSEA patented Underwater Quick Positioning System (U-QPS), identify, track and record data on the ROV’s underwater position in real-time.
Optional Add-On
Real-Time Location Data
Utilizing the QYSEA patented Underwater Quick Positioning System (U-QPS), identify, track and record data on the ROV’s underwater position in real-time.
True 360°
Omnidirectional Movement
The FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS delivers 6 degrees of freedom. As free as fish, achieve all types and angles of movement, from rolls & pitches to yaws & sideway glides. With the posture lock system, secure the angle of your drone as you move in any direction across the oceans in your operations.
360° Omnidirectional Mobility
Posture Lock System
Depth Lock System
Optional Add-On
Maximize Your Operations
& Dive Sessions
FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS’s Q-Motor system helps to optimize your diving time during heavy usage in a wide range of underwater applications. Experience a further boost in operating time with the Onshore Power Supply System that delivers long-lasting and uninterrupted diving sessions.
Our systems are safe, reliable, secure, anti-leak, and anti-shock, providing excellent quality for worry-free operations.
AR Ruler & Laser Scaler
Measure objects underwater with optimal precision. QYSEA’s patented AR Ruler & Laser Scaler system delivers a measurement precision of ±1cm. Utilizing both machine vision and traditional laser measurement methods, gather accurate, self-adaptive, and visualized data of object measurements through the FIFISH App.
Move the virtual ruler, customize colors and save your results with one simple click.
AR Ruler (Machine Vision)
Laser Scaler (Traditional Method)
VR Intelligent Head Tracking
Pro V6 Plus applies unique sensory controls that provide the user a truly immersive underwater experience from the ROV's first-person perspective. Through the smart VR goggles, take full 360° directional control of the V6 PLUS simply by rotating the head.
4K High Definition & Low Noise Images
Ultra-Bright 6000 Lumen LED Lights
The V6 Plus’s combination of its ultra-high-definition camera and powerful lighting system produces outstanding images that illuminates its surrounding underwater environments, transforming the dark spaces to as bright as day.
Light off
Light on
166° FOV Wide-Angle Lens
240 FPS SloMo Capture
4K UHD Camera
DNG (RAW) Format Support
12 Megapixel Resolution
6000 Lumen LED Lights
5500K Color Temperature
F/2.5 Aperture
Newly Upgraded
Q-Motor Power System
QYSEA applies unique stabilizing algorithms that actively and adaptively adjust the power curve according to its external environments so that shooting films and images have enhanced stability and smoothness. The patented system also provides a fully secure and durable seal of the motors that delivers optimal protection against corrosion and sand damage.
Fast Data Transfer & Storage
The SD card can be taken out of the V6 PLUS for exporting data with ease. The ROV comes equipped with a 128GB card that provides ample space and storage for your high-definition films and images.
Optional Add-On
Expand Your Capabilities
with Mult-Tool Attachments
The FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS’s open interface allows for quick and seamless integration of different operational tools according to the operator’s professional tasks and requirements.
Robotic Arm
Water Sampler
Water Quality Detector
Industry-Class ROV
in a Compact Size
Weighing at 5KG, the V6 PLUS is a powerful enterprise-grade tool, with a dive depth of 150 meters, the ability to achieve long-lasting diving sessions, as well add-on equipment and smart functions to excel across a range of industrial applications and scenarios.
Simple to Carry & Deploy
QYSEA’s rugged and light industrial case offers convenience and efficiency for storage, transport, and deployment of the V6 PLUS at any location. The standard 200-meter tether and spool provides quick release and retrieval of the ROV, exceeding the standards and requirements for small to large scale operational tasks.
Applications & Scenarios
Applications & Scenarios
Ship Inspections
Applications & Scenarios
Pipeline Inspections
Applications & Scenarios
Water Plant & Dam Inspections
Applications & Scenarios
Storage Tank Inspections
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