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Meet FIFISH V-EVO: QYSEA's Groundbreaking Compact Underwater Drone Meet FIFISH V-EVO: QYSEA's Groundbreaking Compact Underwater Drone

The rapidly growing market for compact underwater drones is being revolutionized by QYSEA Technology, a leading manufacturer redefining the capabilities of small remotely-operated machines.


4K·60FPS Professional-class Camera System


FIFISH V-EVO, QYSEA's latest addition to the award-winning V6 series, is the first underwater drone to feature a 4K 60 FPS camera and 360-degree omnidirectional movement, giving explorers the opportunity to capture stunning underwater moments in high-resolution video.


Featuring a 4K 60 FPS professional-grade camera system, FIFISH V-EVO can capture increased detail and smooth slow-motion videos in ultra-high definition. The drone is equipped with dual 5000 lumens 5500K white LED lights to illuminate darker surroundings and reveal vibrant colors.


Image Enhancements with Artificial Intelligence


QYSEA's unique six-thruster layout enables unrestricted movement, facilitating creative and dynamic underwater filming. The drone also utilizes AI-powered image enhancements to filter out plankton-induced white marine flakes and improve footage clarity.


Hydrodynamic Build with Expansive Features


The FIFISH V-EVO's hydrodynamic, fluid, and rugged water droplet design ensures minimal resistance against ocean currents, allowing for longer dives. An attachment port accommodates a variety of tools, enabling integration and versatility for various tasks and scenarios.


Multi Applications & Scenarios


Suitable for both leisure and professional use, the compact FIFISH V-EVO is ideal for filmmaking, deep-sea exploration, marine monitoring, scuba diving excursions, and more. QYSEA is excited to continue inspiring curiosity and exploration of the oceans.

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FIFISH V-EVO Website: Please Click Here


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