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QYSEA AI Underwater Robot Lands in the Premier Academic Journal of the UK, Pioneering a Fresh Approach to Marine Exploration QYSEA AI Underwater Robot Lands in the Premier Academic Journal of the UK, Pioneering a Fresh Approach to Marine Exploration

QYSEA AI Underwater Robot Lands in the Premier Academic Journal of the UK, Pioneering a Fresh Approach to Marine Exploration

In the latest issue of the Royal Society's journal, the QYSEA AI underwater robot significantly contributed to a global underwater exploration initiative by successfully collecting environmental DNA (eDNA) samples, paving the way for a new method of monitoring coral ecosystems. This accomplishment has earned widespread recognition in the global underwater exploration community!

(Image Caption: Contents of the Royal Society Journal)

Obstacles in Underwater Exploration

Mesophotic coral ecosystems, typically located in deeper waters, have long been under-researched due to the difficulty of direct human access. Therefore, scientists employ non-destructive techniques like environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis to study coral reefs. However, efficient sample collection remains challenging in these deep-sea environments, with intense water pressure and low light posing significant obstacles to exploration. The utilization of the QYSEA FIFISH V6 PLUS underwater robot by researchers has effectively overcome these challenges.

(Distribution diagram of mesophotic coral ecosystems)

QYSEA Underwater Robot Emerges as a Key Tool for Exploration

As revealed in the current issue of the Royal Society journal, the QYSEA PRO V6 PLUS model was employed in this exploration. Unlike traditional methods involving large vessels for water sample collection, the V6 PLUS is compact and lightweight, weighing only about 5 kg. Without the need for large vessels, the V6 PLUS can be easily deployed and operated by a single person, significantly increasing deployment efficiency compared to traditional methods, thus reducing marine exploration costs while providing a more efficient and safer operational environment.

The QYSEA V6 PLUS is a professional-grade AI underwater robot capable of diving to depths of up to 150 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of environments including lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. With its strong adaptability to operational environments, its diving depth meets the requirements of this exploration.

(FIFISH V6 Plus conducting deep-sea underwater exploration)

Additionally, the V6 PLUS can be equipped with various underwater tools such as a 500ml water sampler, sediment sampler, mechanical arm, etc. Coupled with the 4K ultra-clear camera onboard, it can efficiently perform underwater observation, sample collection, and analysis, quickly obtaining crucial parameters such as water pH, nutrient levels, temperature, and turbidity.

Samples collected by the QYSEA AI underwater robot enabled researchers to successfully identify multiple coral genera, demonstrating the effectiveness of using eDNA technology and underwater robots for monitoring and studying MCEs.

QYSEA AI Underwater Robot Introduces a New Approach to Underwater Exploration

This discovery, published in the form of a paper in the prestigious journal of the Royal Society, not only provides valuable data to the scientific community but also offers a more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly AI-based method for protecting and managing these fragile ecosystems.

The outstanding performance of the QYSEA AI underwater robot has garnered high praise from the Royal Society, challenging researchers' perceptions of underwater robots. Its exceptional performance, comprehensive operational capabilities, and agile lightweight design have revolutionized underwater exploration, bringing significant impact to global underwater research!

(Data analysis conclusions facilitated by QYSEA V6 Plus)

As technology advances and its application expands, the QYSEA AI underwater robot holds immense potential for development in marine science research and other underwater fields. In the complex underwater environments, the QYSEA AI underwater robot will become an essential tool for exploring the mysteries of the underwater world, leading humanity to a deeper understanding of the underwater realm!

(Large-sized FIFISH PRO W6 Underwater Robot, equipped with dual 500mL Water Samplers)

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