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QYSEA Introduces QY-MT: A Groundbreaking AI Underwater Measurement System for Submersible Robots QYSEA Introduces QY-MT: A Groundbreaking AI Underwater Measurement System for Submersible Robots

QYSEA Technology is excited to announce the official launch of QY-MT (QYSEA Measurement Tool), a self-developed AI underwater intelligent precision measurement system. This cutting-edge technology leverages the robust subsea capabilities of QYSEA's FIFISH underwater robot, ushering in a new era of AI intelligence for underwater robot measurements.

The QY-MT intelligent measurement system seamlessly integrates underwater data through our advanced AI visual algorithms. It features real-time and offline dual measurement modes, ensuring precision even with offline videos. Designed with customizable shapes and adaptive capabilities for complex underwater environments, QY-MT aims to enhance operational efficiency and revolutionize professional subsea measurement methods.

QY-MT's applications span five major scenarios: bridge inspection, water resources and hydropower, underwater infrastructure, ship inspections, and offshore wind power. This heralds the arrival of an intelligent tool for underwater detection in these critical areas.

Powerful AI Solution

The QY-MT system showcases remarkable adaptability to various irregular shapes for measurement, employing its 4K+AI intelligent target contour recognition to precisely identify complex shapes, thereby simplifying challenging non-destructive underwater measurements.

The AI-based algorithm seamlessly adapts to measurement ranges, ensuring visualized measurement data accuracy at a centimeter-level precision. The system features a movable ruler with customizable colors, catering to different environmental conditions. Moreover, it supports one-click screenshot saving of measurement results, making it ideal for various industry inspection tasks.

Multi-measurement Capabilities

QY-MT streamlines the measurement of length and height for chosen underwater objects, offering adaptable units in centimeters or inches for effective data display on the system screen. Overcoming underwater measurement challenges, QY-MT facilitates drawing curves and arcs, intelligently measuring the length of curved objects within a plane, thereby optimizing efficiency in underwater measurements.

Expanding its capabilities, QY-MT caters to underwater polygonal target objects, enabling precise angle data retrieval through the angle measurement option. Furthermore, it tackles complex irregular underwater objects by harnessing powerful AI computing capabilities, ensuring the capture of area and perimeter data with high precision in a single click.

As a pioneer in AI underwater robots, QYSEA Technology stays committed to exploration and self-revolution, continuously pushing the boundaries of imagination. With the global introduction of the QY-MT intelligent measurement system, QYSEA infuses new vitality into underwater measurements, leading the industry's ongoing transformation—an unwavering commitment by QYSEA Technology.

QY-MT is now available as a software tool upgrade across its range of FIFISH Underwater Robots.

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