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  • FIFISH P3 Underwater Robot

    The 1st Professional Underwater Drone with a True 4K UHD Video System

    ( 2 Reviews )
    From $3,499.00
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    • 4K Underwater Camera4K Underwater Camera
    • Ultra-Wide Field of ViewUltra-Wide Field of View
    • Powerful LED LightsPowerful LED Lights
    • 1 Inch CMOS Sensor1 Inch CMOS Sensor
    • Automatic & Fixed Focus AdjustableAutomatic & Fixed Focus Adjustable
    • Compact ConfigurationCompact Configuration
    • Easy & Accurate ControlsEasy & Accurate Controls
    • Super Leak-Proof StructureSuper Leak-Proof Structure
    • 4.5H Operating Time4.5H Operating Time
    • 8 Levels Adjustable Brightness8 Levels Adjustable Brightness


    • 100m Package

    Accessories & Attachment Tools

    • Upgrade to 200m Tether$699.00

      Upgrade from the original 50m tether

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    FIFISH V6: 10 Working Days
    FIFISH V6s: 10 Working Days
    FIFISH V6 Value Pack: 10 Working Days

    FIFISH P3: 10 Working Day

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        • FIFISH P3 | Unboxing & Diving a Sunken Plane Wreck

        • FIFISH P3 Conquers the Oceans in Bali!

        • FIFISH P3 | Cruising in Palau

        • FIFISH P3 | 4K Spectacular

      • Riley Knopp

        As a professional scuba diver and underwater photographer, I am always looking for a reliable underwater companion for my deep-sea adventures and explorations. Having worked with FIFISH in the past, I was thrilled to try their latest flagship model.

        For an underwater ROV, FIFISH V6 is incredibly small and light. It is not only for professionals but also for people with an adventurous mind. A great companion to record your memories, and share with friends, that I’ve frequently brought along with me on my trips.

        I am always looking for beautiful places underwater and FIFISH V6 lets us know about theunderwater conditions even before we jump into the water. We can check the surroundings and go through our filming plans easier than ever. Moreover, the live streaming feature let’s our boat crew know what is going on below the surface. It has significantly improved our communications efficiency, so I can put more focus and energy on shooting.

        FIFISH V6 has unlimited freedom to film and shoot with its six degrees of freedom, meaning that it can get incredible shots that a human diver rarely achieves; for example, smooth shots while gliding sideways or while rolling upwards. It has fuelled my creativity and inspiration within my videos, and I highly recommend this amazing and compact underwater ROV.
      • Mike Sherman

        I bought the FIFISH P3 to explore the world below the surface. I was highly impressed!

        Complete with the powerful engines and a leak-proof design, this durable robot can accompany you on any dive. In fact, the FIFISH P3 can truly handle depths up to 330 feet while still working perfectly. Built into the robot is a a 4K underwater camera. Recording in such a high resolution brings the underwater world to life for us! If one is looking for instant gratification, you can live-stream the content to your audience in an instant. Compact and designed to go anywhere, the FIFISHI P3 weighs just 6 kilograms! Plus, you get a customized controller to determine where it goes and how it moves.

        I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking to film and photograph with professional-quality underwater equipment.

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    • Accessories list Quantity
      FIFISH P3 Underwater Robot ×1
      Remote Controller ×1
      164 ft. Kevlar Tether ×1
      Underwater Robot Charger ×1
      Remote Control Charger ×1
      • What are the dimensions and weight?

        Dimensions are 49.2cm × 33.7cm × 17.4cm (L 19.37in × W 13.27in × H 6.85in) Weight is 5.85kg (12.9 lb).

      • How can I turn FIFISH P3 on & off?

        To turn ON, insert the ROV plug in the socket on the back of ROV and fasten the screw nut on the tether (keep the plug clean and dry). Turn OFF, loosen the screw nut and pull out the plug, and FIFISH P3 will power off automatically.

      • What is the focusing feature?

        The FIFISH support 3 modes for focusing, you can select the mode on the right bottom corner of FPV of FIFISH App. 

        • Click the AF, will active the Auto Focus mode, which suit for Crystal water, simple objects, low speed cruising, etc.

        • Click the "flower" sign, will active the macro mode, which is good for shorter object distance. For example, coral, actinia, and clownfish, etc.

        • Click the "mountain" sign, will active the normal mode, which is good for longer object distance. For example, Fast moving or multiple objects, enriched suspension particles, and high pursuit etc.

        The default setting is Auto Focus (AF) mode for beginners. However, the AF mode may NOT suitable in following objects shooting,

        • Fast moving objects, such as, dolphins;

        • Enriched suspension particles, such as, plankton;

        • High speed pursuit, such as, fish tracking

      • How can format the internal memory?

        You can use the FIFISH APP, right top corner, click Settings/Camera/ERASE.
        Make sure you have all footages copied and downloaded, this cannot be reversed.
        Note: Please download or update to the latest version of FIFISH APP

      • Tell me more about joy sticks, and how can I control the ROV?

        The left joystick is horizontal moving, for example, forward, reverse, left turn and right turn.

        The right joystick is vertical moving, only have up and down.

      • What is the micro-SD card slot on remote controller?

        This is only for copy and download the

      • What is the purpose of the tether?

        Operating the ROV are requiring the communication and massive data transportation on First Person View (FPV). However, due to the narrow bandwidth, waking inside the salt water or request the accurate directions disadvantages of wireless communication system, the neutral buoyancy tether provide a reliable and good quality for communication solutions.

        In addition, the FIFISH tether made from the Kevlar®, which is capable to hold an adult's body weight (80 kg or 178 lbs).

      • What is the format of Video & Picture?

        The format of video is MP4, and the format of picture is JPEG.

      • What is the capacity of the Lithium battery inside FIFISH P3? Is it okay to bring it on-board as the carry-on luggage?

        The capacity of P3's internal Lithium battery is 87.48 Wh, which is following the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and TSA regulations.

      • How often does it need to charge and discharge the machine if it is not been used for a long time?

        It is recommended to charge and discharge once for every 3 months, then charge to 50~60% for storage.


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